About Me


Hi, I'm Brad Miller, Entrepreneur and Executive. Currently residing in Tampa, FL; a Christian, passionate family man, musician and pop culture enthusiast.

I co-founded Lift UX, a design and development agency which was recently acquired by 10up. As part of the acquisition of Lift UX, I joined the fantastic team at 10up as the new Vice President & Associate Director of Client Strategy.

I have over 14 years of experience in strategy, user experience design, business management, business development, project management, creative direction, and quality assurance. I've had the pleasure of providing this expertise to some fantastic clients over the years including Disney, AMC TV, IFC, Sundance TV, BBC, WE tv, Frito-Lay, Microsoft, Sara Lee, Allergan, HID Global, Chewy.com, GoDaddy, Tenaris and many others.  I love creating user experiences, providing excellent customer service, coaching other entrepreneurs, and building long-lasting relationships. How can I help you?

My Expertise & Skills

  • Team Leadership & Management
  • Design Exploration
  • UX Research
  • UX Review
  • Information Architecture & Content Strategy
  • Wireframes
  • UI / UX Design
  • Responsive & Atomic Design Strategy
  • Business Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • WordPress Strategies & Development
  • Product Design & Product Management
  • Mobile App Design & Consulting
  • E-Commerce Platform Strategy
  • Third Party API Strategy